. TowerRat Gathering 2009



Page Last Updated: 28-may-09

People who have expressed an interest in going to the gathering in Las Vegas (July 10-11, 2009)
These folks filled out the form, when people have committed, there will be a more final list:

Dave Christensen doof 556th MP Co

Alan Brownstein Alan 636th Ord Co 78-80 164th MP Co 82-85
Neal SUllivan Neal 556th MP Co
Scott Mills doofshomie 556th MP Co
Marc Chipman wanderingmystic 556th MP Co Nov 1979 - June 1982
david f duke n/a ft. leondard wood mo ft. gordon ga
Bruce Heddy dipper 6th MP Co
Mike Hamilton Ham 556th MP Co
John Paul Pope 556th MP co, Siegelsbach
Larry 636th
don spears kopper 556th mp 75-78 and 59th BDE HQ
John "Cody" Wohnoutka sg51962 D 2/56 ADA 83-84, B 3/71 ADA 84-84
Mitch Shaffer ANIMAL D Btry 5th BN 6th ADA Hontheim, 536th MP CO Hohenfels  
David Hall Redman 110th MP Company 83-86, Seneca Army Depot 92-94
Mike Altman alternator 556th MP Co
Randall Lindstrom Nikatam B/1st bn 43rd ADA Ft.Richardson Ak, 558th MP co
Carl Koterwski ktown 110th mp co
Paul Peabody peabody 558th MP Co
William Tozer
stjohniv 636th 77-78
amber trainor   164th MP CO, Miesau
Bill Rowell
 browell  6th MP Co, Muenster
 Dan Murphy  Dan_from_Massweiler  564th MP Company, Massweiler
 Don Crawford  crawdaddy  556th MP Co
Ed (Prof)  Prof  556th K-9 1980 TO 1982
James Marker marker 6th mp company
Kevin Ostrander   556th MP, dog handler
Michael Carucci rucci1 164th Mp Company, Meisau Germany
Rick Bublitz RickinReno 636th Ordnance Company (EOD)
Robert Young mpdrlsgt 110th MP Co
William (Bill) Meek Wildbill 110th MP Co. Korea and Germany, 636 Ord Co.
Bill Smith
 TheGrunt  6th M.P. - Munster-Dieburg,FRG
Bob Evans
636thK9 636th  
Chuck Harmon charmon 556 MP  
Emily Johnson ej 6th MPCO, NATO 111, Muenster  
Jason Gladitsch 95b11b 110th MP and 6th MP 1990-1992  
Johnell Wulff wulff 110th 89-90, 6th 90-92  
Mark Bible slugbug1 556 mp co  
Patrick Manning paddy 595th MP Dec '81 to Dec '82  
John Lanier   556th Mp 1977-1979  
lowenberg james
  110th 3rdplt 88-closed